SEMES – back to the roots SS2021

The 2021 Summer collection is called “SEMES – back to the roots”. Semes, semedaki or karedaki are some of the names given to the traditional technique of knitting handmade crochet. This collection presents handmade knitted bags with crochet. Hemp twine, a traditional, natural material, in some versions takes the form of semen, combined with wooden and gold-plated beads, as well as cotton twine that have been transformed into large tassels and macrame tresses. The inspiration came from the effort we have all made over the last year to protect our elders who brought us and taught us life. In tribute to the older generations, the names of the products are old, Greek, female, traditional names, reminiscent of our mothers, grandmothers and great-grandmothers. Our goal is to embrace tradition again, to revive it and to highlight it in its most modern version, aiming for these techniques to continue to travel today and into the future!